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We are currently going on hiatus to put focus into our Father, Nostrovia! Poetry.


The Traveling Poet is a blog-zine that publishes poets ages 12-25, and articles regarding traveling broke.  A lot of people have a romanticized idea of the road’s freedom and homelessness, and that needs to be dispelled.  Some do opt to live their lives this way, others simply travel through unconventional means.  To each their own, but no matter what, this is a difficult way to live, just as all ways of living.


Topics such as voluntary poverty, hitchhiking, anarchy, busking, camping, rubber tramping, and train hopping will be addressed here.  We’re open to any topic, but these are of particular interest to us.


Your support is appreciated, and Liking The Traveling Poet on Facebook is deeply appreciated.

Sharing our submission call is also invaluable to us.


NOTICE:  I am managing this project while traveling cross country.  Please be patient with response time, as I do not have consistent computer or internet access.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great project idea! I’m over 25 now, but would you accept a creative non-fiction piece I wrote about hitchhiking in Newfoundland, from back when I was 18?

    Posted by Kelda Larsen | January 21, 2014, 5:30 pm

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